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It appears the lawsuit

between the city of Mt.

Lake and its street contractor

boils down to a

dispute about payment.

The contractor,

Kuechle Underground,

maintains further payment

is needed for its

work on the 2012–2013

street project. Meanwhile,

city officials

say Kuechle was fully


In a formal response

to Kuechle’s August

lawsuit, the city argues

Kuechle’s financial

claims for correcting

settling problems have

no merit.

Meanwhile, city

administrator Wendy

Meyer said there are no

plans to pay the costs

related to repairing the

streets (which were affected

by settling).

At this point, the city

is withholding about

$500,000 in retainage

until Kuechle finishes

the project to the city’s


It appears in the

wake of the city’s response,

the ball is back

in Kuechle’s court.

Settling costs

Bolton and Menk,

project engineers, estimated

the extra (settling)

costs at $273,822.

Actual costs according

to Kuechle Underground

are $457,087.

The city has paid

$9,157,209 for the contracted

project so far.

There is still minor

work that needs to be

finished including the

watermain, sanitary

sewer, storm sewer,

City maintains

contractor was

fully compensated

grading, lift station and


City officials say it’s

unclear when Kuechle will

return to finish the project.

The work carries a twoyear


Well work underway

Drilling for much-anticipated

well number seven

was scheduled to begin this

week after test hole results

were reviewed.

G.M. Contracting of Lake

Crystal was awarded the


Active Living Plan

The city is exploring a

new way to deliver healthy

lifestyle options to residents.

Diana Madsen, Statewide

Health Improvement Program

(SHIP) coordinator of

Windom, gave a presentation

on how the city can be

more exercise friendly.

The idea behind Active

Living is to get physical

activity into daily routines

so it becomes a way of life.

To do that, an environment

needs to be safe and

convenient for children and

adults to walk, bike and be

active every day.

For instance, a street

needs to be wide enough

so a pedestrian can safely

walk or bike along the

shoulder. Traffic shouldn’t

be excessive and speed limits

should be reasonable.

There may be a sidewalk

or path separate from the

street for pedestrian use.

The first step toward Active

Living is applying for

a mini-grant to get the planning

process going.

Once the funds are

awarded, Southwest Regional

Development Commission

will help the city

and its residents develop a

plan to identify opportunities

to become more walk and


SHIP has additional

funds to help implement

items in a city’s plan once

it’s in place.

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