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P.O. Box 429
Mt. Lake, MN 56159
Phone: 507-427-2725
Fax: 507-427-2724

The EDA has signed purchase

agreements with four

property owners located on

10th Street, starting from

322 10th St. North going

north to the end of the block

and to the back of the alley

behind these buildings.

The purchase agreements

totaling $77,503 are with the

owners of an apartment, the

Joy Shoppe, Ross Cleaners

and a duplex apartment

building. The closing date

for the agreements is Tuesday.

The EDA is seeking conceptual

design assistance

from an architectural firm

to determine the best future

design to match community

needs which would have the

potential of housing two to

three retail businesses, a

day care and possibly four

apartments on the second

level, plus parking space.

The Mt. Lake EDA will

hold a public hearing on the

Proposed Establishment

of Economic Development

District No. 2, Tax Increment

Finance District 1-8.

The public hearing is set for

Monday at noon in the council

chambers at City Hall.

The EDA had a Phase I environment

assessment done

by Caltha of Minneapolis. A

Phase I assessment is a brief

inspection to determine if a

Phase II inspection should

be recommended. Caltha

determined there is enough

probability of environmental

issues to warrant a Phase

II assessment.

The EDA also received

bids from two architectural

firms which include plans

for the demolition of the

existing buildings and preparing

the site for construction

and for the conceptual

design for the new building.

The bids were from Falls

Architecture Studio of Sioux

Falls for approximately

$16,000 and Brunton Architects

& Engineers of Mankato

for $26,000.

The EDA entered into an

agreement with Northland

Securities for assistance

with financial planning of

the project. At this time

there are no cost estimates

available, just preliminary

numbers for assisting EDA

board members and staff in

determining project sources

and uses of funds. The EDA

anticipates demolition of the

buildings this fall and construction

of the new building

next spring.

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