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Looking out the window may not be the best way to know what the weather is doing, but Mt. Lake Public School has a number of solutions for dealing with whatever Old Man Winter dreams up.

Last year’s winter was extreme, yet the school had only five delayed starts, five early dismissals and five full-day closures. Only two of those days needed to be made up since the calendar allowed for two and one was called for by Gov. Dayton.

Road conditions are always a consideration. But there have been only one or two times in the past 16 years where the school had to send out a bus to pick up students because of a breakdown or getting stuck. Supt. Bill Strom said, “There are four bus routes, each lasting about an hour. They serve 40 percent of the student body, and of those, 30 percent live in the country. Buses are equipped with transmitters

that allow parents to track the school bus as it makes its way around the route.

“We keep a very close eye on the conditions of the roads as our drivers make their way through their routes. We’re alone with it comes to keeping our kids safe. Farmers and people who operate city, township or county plows keep us in mind as they work to clear

the roads.

“Out in the country typically the first people on the scene to help us out are the farmers and township workers.”

Strom said, “We upgraded our radio system last year to improve receptivity. When the weather is bad we remain in constant communication with the driver from the time it leaves the school until the last child is dropped off and the bus is safely tucked away in the bus garage.”

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