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Last year 476,664 cans of chopped turkey were distributed

to where they were needed most. North

Korea, Burundi and Serbia were three of the

biggest recipients.

Hunger is everywhere and is a crisis the Mennonite

community makes a priority year after year.

Vern Goering of Mt. Lake is a local volunteer for

the event and was on hand last week at Elmendorf,

about five miles southeast of Mt. Lake, when the

mobile canner truck stopped for a couple of days.

He said, “We’re hoping to process 5,500 cans.”

Skids of boneless turkey thighs arrive by

semi from Hy-Vee in Iowa. The meat goes

through a grinder and then into two large


Once cooked, the turkey is scooped into

cans, sealed and labeled.

The cans are taken to a central location in

Newton, Kan., where they are sent out to places

hunger is acute.

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