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Smokers will no longer be able to

light up at area parks thanks to a

vote by the Mt. Lake City Council at

its June 22 meeting.

The policy, which also includes

e-cigarettes, will be adopted at Monday’s

council meeting and goes into

effect Aug. 1.

The tobacco-free policy covers all

facilities, parks (Lawcon Park and

City Park), trails, beaches, boat landings,

open space, and other property

owned, leased, rented, contracted,

used or controlled by the city of Mt.

Lake for parks and recreational


The policy applies to all visitors

and staff on park property. Organizers

and attendees at public or private

events on city park property are

required to abide by the ban. Event

organizers are also responsible for

communication and enforcement.

The only area not covered is Island

View Campground.

“Campfires would make it difficult

for campers to tell the difference

between tobacco smoke and campfire

smoke,” Luke Ewald said of the

campground exception.

Ewald, public health educator

with Des Moines Valley Health and

Human Services, is coordinating the

effort called Start Noticing.

A coalition between Jackson and

Cottonwood counties, Start Noticing

aims to eliminate exposure to the

harmful effects of tobacco use.

Signs funded by Des Moines Valley

Tobacco-Free Communities will be

posted in various locations.

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