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For years, the seasono

p e n i n g Wo l v e r i n e

Invitational cross country

meet had a reputation as

being one of the hottest,

toughest meets of the season.

But for the past two seasons,

weather conditions proved to

be just too hot to handle.

In each of the past two

years, the heat index on the

day of the meet soared near

100 degrees, prompting the

decision to cancel the meet.

The meet is back on the

schedule for next Wednesday

(Aug. 27), and will once again

kick off the season for many

of the teams in the region.

Mt. Lake Area Coach Mike

Nelson is hoping that Mother

Nature won’t crash the party

for the third year in a row.

“When you cancel a meet

for two years in a row, it’s hard

to get teams to come back to

the meet,” Nelson said. “At

one point, we had upwards

of 17 teams that came to our

meet. This year, we have 11.”

Nelson noted that in

each of the past two years,

contingency plans were

worked on in the event the

meet would have been held.

The start time was moved

back to later in the day.

Sprinkler systems were set

up throughout the course to

give the runners relief, and

water stations — not typically

seen at high school cross

country meets — would have

been set up.

“Last year, we had even

made plans to shorten the

races,” Nelson said. “But the

forecasts were calling for

very hot, humid conditions.

In those conditions, teams

aren’t even supposed to be

practicing outside.”

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