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Public Notices

OFFICIAL PUBLICATION Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting

The Board of Commissioners met at the Cottonwood County Courthouse in Windom, MN. Present for all or portions of the meeting,in person or via telephone, were: Commissioners Tom Appel, Donna Gravley, Kevin Stevens, Norm Holmen, Jim Schmidt; County Coordinator Kelly Thongvivong, County Attorney Nick Anderson, Auditor/ Treasurer Jan Johnson, Kathy Marsh, Nick Klisch, Greg Ous, Ronda Allis, Lisa Bigham, Jed Rhubee, Gale Bondhus, Kathy Kretsch, Nancy Macgregor, Alex Schultz, Kay Gross, Drew Hage, Kristi Sell, Jason Rupp, Jason Purrington, Annette Fiedler, and Rahn Larson.

Routine Items — approved by unanimous roll call or regular vote: to approve the agenda; to approve the minutes of the August 7, 2018 regular meeting as amended; to approve August warrants in the amount of $180,810.98 and broken down as follows: County Revenue Fund — $52,679.98, Long Term Capital Outlay — $758.60, County Buildi n g Fund — $ 3 2 , 7 7 9 . 6 9 ; Ditch Fund — $5.45, Agency Fund — $300.00, County Revenue Fund — $3,792.42, Road and Bridge Fund — $77,989.65, Waste Abatement/Score Fund — $1,477.63; Landfill Enterprise — $11,027.56; adjournment.

Personnel Items — approved by unanimous roll call or regular vote: to allow for a 30-day posting of the Procurement Policy as revised.

Additional Action Items — approved by unanimous roll call or regular vote: to close the meeting as permitted by Minnesota Statute 13D.05 Subd. 3(b) to discuss the following litigation: Prime Pork vs. Cottonwood County at 9:02 a.m.; to open the meeting at 9:20 a.m.; to enter into a memorandum of Understanding concerning the engagement of Patchin Messner Dodd & Brumm for the purpose of rendering valuation consultation and/or appraisal services; to hold a public hearing for the sale of Sarah Park at the earliest possible date; to approve the following Aquatic Invasive Species funding requests as follows: Mountain Lake — Lake Commission for the purchase of a weed harvester and labor in the amount of up to $15,000 for 2019, the Ecology Bus for an estimated $6,000 for 2019, AIS promotional expenditures for banquet raffle prizes of up to $3,000 for 2018 and up to $3,000 for 2019, and bill board advertising at $750 per month for two billboards for the period August 13, 2018 through August 13, 2019; to allocate a base of $18,200 with an option to increase up to $22,750 for FY 2019 Local Capacity Match Funds for the Cottonwood SWCD in addition to the Cottonwood SWCD base allocation of $52,000; to approve resolution 18-08-21 “Resolution Calling for a Public Hearing on Proposed Tax Abatement for New Residential Project”; to accept the bid from Doris T. Wenberg in the amount of $100.00 for tax forfeiture property 11.032.0208; to accept the bid from Mark Peterson in the amount of $200.00 for tax forfeiture property 19.130.0230; to accept the bid from Rebecca Konz in the amount of $1,001.00 for tax forfeiture property 19.130.0310; to accept the bid from Brian and Mary Ann Reddemann in the amount of $500.00 for tax forfeiture property 23.493.0040; for Cottonwood County to join Prime West Health with DVHHS being fiscally responsible for the cost associated with joining. S/Jan Johnson, Auditor/Treasurer S/Donna L. Gravley, Board Chair S/Kelly Thongvivong, County Coordinator