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Public Notices


OFFICIAL PUBLICATION September 17, 2019 Cottonwood County Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting

The Board of Commissioners met at the Cottonwood County Courthouse in Windom, MN. Present for all or portions of the meeting, in person or by phone, were: Commissioners Tom Appel, Kevin Stevens, Norm Holmen, Donna Gravley, Larry Anderson; County Coordinator Kelly Thongvivong, Auditor/Treasurer Donna Torkelson, Kathy Marsh, Jason Purrington, Glenn Johnson, Gretchen Warner, John Pugh, Robert Suchomel, Will Trost, Nick Klisch, and Vicki Beckendorf.

Routine Items — approved by unanimous roll call or regular vote: to approve the agenda as amended; to approve the minutes of the September 3, 2019 regular meeting and September 10, 2019 work session; to approve September warrants in the amount of $347,492.32 and broken down as follows: County Revenue Fund — $60,574.00, County Building Fund — $1,750.00, Ditch Fund — $57.04, Agency Fund — $300.00, Taxes and Penalties Fund — $10.055.50, County Revenue Fund — $19,035.90, Road and Bridge Fund — $224,375.82, Waste Abatement/SCORE Fund — $2,432.40, Landfill Enterprise Fund — $28,911.66; adjournment.

Personnel Items — approved by unanimous roll call or regular vote: to accept the resignation from Emily Eichner, full-time Engineering Aide, as of October 2, 2019, with appropriate payout of benefits; to approve the revised job description for the Engineering Aide position; to allow for internal posting and external advertising for the Engineering Aide position; to terminate Tino Vetsouvanh, part-time Jailer/Dispatcher, effective September 4, 2019 with appropriate payout of benefits;

Additional Action Items — approved by unanimous roll call or regular vote: to approve the Off-Highway Vehicle Safety Enforcement Grant for fiscal years 2020 and 2021 in the amount of $4,340.00 per year; to accept the quote for a new ATV from Windom Farm Service in the amount of $4,183.00; to approve the 2019 Minnesota Annual County Boat and Water Safety Grant Agreement in the amount of $927.00 and allow the board chairman to sign; to approve the final contract payment to Duininck, Inc. in the amount of $153,967.10 for projects 017-605-026 and 017-610-035; to approve advertising for bids for Projects 017-599-101 and 017-599-109; to approve the sale of the 1984 Clark 300-40 Forklift; to accept the Service Agreement with SafeAssure for annual safety training services; to renew the health plan offered to retirees: Group Senior Gold and Medicare Blue Rx ($0, $20, $40, $60); to set the preliminary levy for 2020 at $11,478,440.00, which is an increase of 6.9% from 2019 and as per state levy limit requirements

S/Donna Torkelson, Auditor/Treasurer S/Norman Holmen, Board Chair S/Kelly Thongvivong, County Coordinator