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Public Notices


OFFICIAL PUBLICATION January 21, 2020 Cottonwood County Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting

The Board of Commissioners met at the Cottonwood County Courthouse in Windom, MN. Present for all or portions of the meeting were: Commissioners Tom Appel, Donna Gravley, Kevin Stevens, Norm Holmen, Larry Anderson; County Coordinator Kelly Thongvivong, County Attorney Nick Anderson, Auditor/Treasurer Donna Torkelson, Kathy Marsh, Craig Myers, Jason Purrington, Representative Rod Hamilton, Senator Bill Weber, Kyle Pillatzki, Gale Bondhus, and Vicki Beckendorf.

Routine Items — approved by unanimous roll call or regular vote: to approve the agenda as amended; to approve the minutes of the January 7, 2020 meeting; to approve January warrants in the amount of $316,700.93 and broken down as follows: County Revenue Fund — $253,609.56, County Building Fund — $19,237.25, Ditch Fund — $43,096.62, Agency Fund — $382.50, Taxes and Penalties Fund — $375.00; adjournment.

Personnel Items — approved by unanimous roll call or regular vote: to approve revisions to Policy #490 — Travel and Expense Reimbursement as presented; to grant a monthly cell phone allowance to Travis Eichstadt, IS Technician, in the amount of $60 per month and to David Grev, Appraiser, in the amount of $30 per month retro to January 1, 2020; to declare that the County offices were officially closed until 10:00 a.m. on January 17, 2020, due to the inclement weather conditions and in accordance with County Policy No. 420; to pay a per diem to Commissioners attending the February 10th Pipeline meeting in Windom.

Additional Action Items — approved by unanimous roll call or regular vote: to allow the Chairman to sign a 3-year ESRI Enterprise Agreement in the amount of $48,750.00 for unlimited GIS licenses, amend the agreement to add the SWCD office, and amend the agreement to name Travis Eichstadt, IS Technician, as the contact; to approve the state bid from WatchGuard in the amount of $5,008.00 for the purchase of a WatchGuard 4RE camera system for transport vehicle; to approve the submission of the 2019 Pay Equity Report to the State of Minnesota before January 31, 2020; to approve the State Auditor’s understanding of services for the 2019 year end audit; to allow Kay Gross to sign the BWSR Final Financial Reports for the NRBG grant.

S/Donna Torkelson, Auditor/Treasurer S/Kevin Stevens, Board Chair S/Kelly Thongvivong, County Coordinator