Three Wolverines on All- Red Rock baseball team

Three members of the Mt. Lake Area-Comfrey baseball team were named to the All- Red Rock Conference squad, which was announced recently. Earning all-conference honors for the Wolverines were senior pitcher/infielder Levi Stoesz, senior outfielder Sam Greva and senior catcher Jacob Suess. Junior pitcher/infielder Dylan Hillesheim received honorable mention.

Conference champion and state tournament entrant Red Rock Central/Westbrook- Walnut Grove had five all-conference selections and three honorable mentions. Adrian had four all-conference picks. Murray County Central, Heron Lake-Okabena and Edgerton-Southwest Christian had two each.

Harder reigns at Road Race

The usual heat and humidity of mid-June was replaced by cool, comfortable conditions Sunday in Mt. Lake. That led to another excellent turnout for the annual Pow Wow Road Race. A total of 431 participants took part in this year’s event. That included a record 79 runners in the kids’ half-mile for ages 9-andunder. That was an overall increase of 74 participants from a year ago and was the fifth time in six years participation was over 400. Race organizer Mike Nelson noted that the weather conditions were the coolest the event had ever seen. Mt. Lake native Tim Harder, currently from Somerville, Mass., won a tight contest at the front of the Four-Mile Race, finishing with a time of 20:20.7. Austin Streit of Shoreview took second at 20:49.6. Lukas Pierson from Butterfield finished third for the second straight year, finishing with a time of 21:16.1. For the women, Sara Tan from Minnetonka finished first with a time of 24:58.3. Sierra Tabbert from Sioux Falls was second in 25:18.7 and Kristin Lassen from Remsen, Iowa, placed third in 26:12.1. In the Mt. Lake Mile, some familiar faces on the local track scene finished atop the standings. Lukas Pierson from Butterfield used the mile as a warm-up for his four-mile performance, winning with a time of 4:39.5. Slade Harder of Mt. Lake was second, finishing in 4:46.4. And Adam Blomgren of Butterfield took third in 4:56.2. For the women, graduated Mt. Lake Area standout Liana Blomgren of Butterfield finished first with a time of 6:27.4. Carmen Syverson of Mt. Lake finished second, less than one-tenth of a second behind with a time technically registering at 6:27.4. Dawn Gray of Eagan placed third with a time of 6:49.9. In the kids’ half-mile run for ages 10-12, Zach Klassen of Mt. Lake was the overall winner in 2:51.4. Alexandria Engebretson of Sherburn was the top girl, finishing in 3:10.5. For the ages 9-and-under half-mile run, Kaymoni Bent of Mt. Lake was the overall winner, finishing in 2:50.8. Julia Brinkman of Mt. Lake was the top girl, finishing in 2:57.0.

By The Numbers

Fitness Walk: 116. Half-Mile 9U: 79 (new record). Half-Mile 10-12: 25. Mt. Lake Mile: 114. Four-Mile: 97. Total Participants: 431.

Four-Mile placewinners

Girls 15 & under: 1. Malayn Metcalf, Glencoe (28:09.6); 2. Tabitha Thatcher, Fairmont (28:34.5); 3. Majkya Metcalf, Glencoe (33:31.4).

Boys 15 & under: 1. Seth Pierson, Butterfield (23:30.4); 2. Emilio Garcia de la Cruz, Mt. Lake (24:00.8); 3. Connor Artner, Fairmont (25:44.0).

Women’s 16-18: 1. Iliana Ramon, Fairmont (27:39.3); 2. Cara Penner, Blair, Neb. (30:48.8); 3. Kendrew Ellis, Cheyenne, Wyo. (37:52.3).

Men’s 16-18: 1. Austin Streit, Shoreview (20:49.6); 2. Lukas Pierson, Butterfield (21:16.1); 3. Logan Knutson, Heron Lake (22:59.0).

Women’s 19-29: 1. Sierra Tabbert, Sioux Falls (25:18.7); 2. Sarah Klassen, Champlin (28:40.6); 3. Danielle Kunkel, Harrisburg, S.D. (32:39.7).

Men’s 19-29: 1. Ethan Tabbert, Sioux Falls (22:11.6); 2. Slade Harder, Mt. Lake (22:49.4); 3. Kyle Blomgren, Jr., Butterfield (25:15.9).

Women’s 30-39: 1. Kristin Lassen, Remsen, Iowa (26:12.1); 2. Emily McGregor, Hillsborough, N.C. (30:28.0); 3. Johanna Shearer, Windom (32:25.1).

Men’s 30-39: 1. Tim Harder, Somerville, Mass. (20:20.7); 2. Garret Wall, Mt. Lake (30:39.4); 3. Kevin Tan, Minnetonka (32:58.7).

Women’s 40-49: 1. Sara Tan, Minnetonka (24:58.3); 2. Cheryl Penner, Blair, Neb. (31:05.4); 3. Shawna Hulzebos, North Mankato (32:23.2).

Men’s 40-49: 1. Josh Metcalf, Glencoe (21:38.7); 2. Brad Klassen, Worthington (28:40.7); 3. Ben Perkins, Mt. Lake (33:34.1).

Women’s 50-59: 1. Kim Hinkeldey, Jackson (32:56.0); 2. Christine Johnson, Storden (36:18.6); 3. Grace DeVries, Storden (36:50.2).

Men’s 50-59: 1. Mark Kocak, Jackson (24:38.3); 2. Mike Nelson, Mt. Lake (25:49.1); 3. Frederic Falentin, New Ulm (26:55.1).

Women’s 60-and-Older: 1. Patty Prom, Jackson (39:03.4).

Men’s 60-and-Older: 1. Gary Bochman, Outing (32:32.9); 2. Devon Wiens, Trabuco Canyon, Calif. (33:25.0); 3. Tim Kunzmon, Hartley, Iowa (35:41.1).

ML Mile placewinners

Girls 12 & under: 1. Karina Hulzebos, North Mankato (7:09.4); 2. Alexandria Engegretson, Sherburn (7:39.6).

Boys 12 & under: 1. Thomas Green, Mt. Lake (7:15.6); 2. Trysten Engebretson, Sherburn (7:22.9); 3. Keegan Classen, Mt. Lake (7:28.9).

Girls 13-15: 1. Alyssa Voit, Shakopee (6:54.3); 2. Olivia Klassen, Mt. Lake (6:55.6); 3. Taite Grant, Lake Crystal (7:01.1).

Boys 13-15: 1. Seth Klassen, Mt. Lake (5:48.7); 2. Micah Holmberg, Mt. Lake (5:54.0); 3. Coltyn Marcy, Marshall (6:09.8).

Women’s 16-18: 1. Liana Blomgren, Butterfield (6:27.4); 2. Jewel Soutthivong, Mt. Lake (7:51.1); 3. Kyla Perkins, Mt. Lake (7:52.4).

Men’s 16-18: 1. Lukas Pierson, Butterfield (4:39.5); 2. Bubba Xayachak, Mt. Lake (5:46.7).

Women’s 19-24: 1. Carmen Syverson, Mt. Lake (6:27.4); 2. Brooke Fast, Mt. Lake (7:04.1); 3. Mikayla Hempeck, Mt. Lake (7:11.4).

Men’s 19-24: 1. Slade Harder, Mt. Lake (4:46.4); 2. Adam Blomgren, Butterfield (4:56.2); 3. Caleb Bargen, Mt. Lake (5:08.5).

Women’s 25-29: 1. Nadya Bucklin, Mt. Lake (7:40.6); 2. Faith Wall, Mt. Lake (7:41.1); 3. Cortney Wall, Mt. Lake (8:24.2).

Men’s 25-29: 1. Aaron Oie, Lake Crystal (5:11.4); 2. Daniel Bargen, Mt. Lake (5:20.3); 3. Brandon Green, Mt. Lake (5:39.1).

Women’s 30-39: 1. Krystie Haden, Huffman, Texas (6:51.5); 2. Ashley Busenitz, Benton, Kan. (8:41.6); 3. Leisa Meeuwen-Ristuben, Minneapolis (8:52.1).

Men’s 30-39: 1. Jordan Kocak, Minneapolis (6:30.2); 2. Trenton Klassen, Mt. Lake (7:00.7); 3. Travis Hulzebos, Mt. Lake (7:09.1).

Women’s 40-49: 1. Dawn Gray, Eagan (6:49.9); 2. Mandy Linscheid, Butterfield (7:06.0); 3. Kim Blomgren, Butterfield (8:07.9).

Men’s 40-49: 1. Ken Classen, Mt. Lake (5:12.6); 2. Chad Klassen, Mt. Lake (5:59.7); 3. Cary Quiring, Butterfield (6:41.6).

Women’s 50 & over: 1. Terra Fleming, Blaine (8:00.5).

Men’s 50 & over: 1. Mark Nelson, Ham Lake (5:57.3); 2. Bill Strom, Mt. Lake (6:43.9); 3. Dave Bucklin, Mt. Lake (6:50.7).

Half-mile placewinners

Girls 9 & under: 1. Julia Brinkman, Mt. Lake (2:57.0); 2. Kelby Janzen, Mt. Lake (2:58.5); 3. Kayleigh Hulzebos, North Mankato (3:08.4).

Boys 9 & under: 1. Keymoni Bent, Mt. Lake (2:50.8); 2. Caleb Klassen, Mt. Lake (2:52.4); 3. Carson Wall, Mt. Lake (2:52.9).

Girls 10-12: 1. Alexandria Engebretson, Sherburn (3:10.5); 2. Gracie Peters, Windom (3:14.9); 3. Lydia Rete, St. James (3:20.0).

Boys 10-12: 1. Zach Klassen, Mt. Lake (2:51.4); 2. John Boelke, St. James (2:56.1); 3. Layne Wall, Mt. Lake (2:56.9).

Hoops tourney has record turnout

The streets of Mt. Lake were busy Sunday, as sunny skies and cooler weather proved perfect conditions for the annual Steve Pfeiffer Memorial Three-on-Three Basketball Tournament, held on the streets around City Park. This year’s tournament had a record total turnout with 43 teams. That surpassed the previous record of 42 teams, set in 2007. There were a total of 17 teams in the open men’s division, five in the open women’s division and 21 teams in various youth divisions. Baskets for the tournament were provided by Burton and Karin Stoesz, Larry and Julie Falk, Marlin and Maureen Palm, Nick and Jackie Strom and Neil and Wendy Wenner. Tournament helpers were Dusty Pfeiffer, John Carrison, Nick Strom, Josh Grev, Duane Harder, Pam Witt, Danielle Kunkel, Mike Stoesz, Andrew Hempeck and Alan Kleven.

Adult Men’s Division

The open men’s division had 17 teams, divided into four pools. The pool winners advanced into a four-team playoff bracket. Pool winners were:

Pool 1: Rusty Joints (Caleb Bargen, Daniel Bargen, Micah Bargen and Brandon Green).

Pool 2: Fab 4 (Ryan Brandts, Zach Brandts, Mike Brandts and Lucas Bartel).

Pool 3: CJLB (Carter Kirk, Josiah Stoesz, Levi Stoesz and Beau Herrig).

Pool 4: Klassen +2 (Cody Klassen, Josh Fast, Chris Gadican, Austin Klassen and Dustin Klassen). Champions: CJLB.

Other division winners

Adult Women’s Division: Lakers (Signey Stoesz, Emily Bussee, Morgan Haugen and Rachel Kedl).

Grades 9-10 Girls: Rise (Margo Stoesz, Sydney Hauger, Sophie Carrison and Samantha Richert).

Grades 9-10 Boys: Flaming Flamingos (Jon Faber, Abraham Stoesz, Brett Willaby and Ethan Nickel).

Grades 7-8 Girls: Swishers (Brooke Naas, Annika Brinkman, Kari Matieka and Kiera Oeltjenbruns).

Grades 7-8 Boys: Big Ballers (Kade Wassman, Cole Kleven, Ian Penner and Damon Khamvongsa).

Grades 5-6 Girls: Rainbow Warriors (Adaliyah Srixsamphou, Ariel Sayavong, Nadia Sauvannarath and Julia Brinkman).

Grades 5-6 Boys: MN Ballers (Alex Karschnik, Joey Faber, Grant Regier and Aiden Mendoza).